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Joke 244 Abu El Abed

Abed Wants to Get Married

When Abed wanted to get married, Abu El Abed and Em El Abed had a very hard time finding him a wife as Abed had a very dirty lsan (bad language). Every time they introduced him to someone, Abed would say something dirty, and the girl gets put off.

After a year, AA run out of patience and told his son that the next time they go and visit a family ta yotlobou eid benton (ask for their daughter's hand) he better not say a word.

The big day arrived, and the Abu Abed family went to visit the Abu Steif family.

AA: we would like to ask for your daughter's hand
AS: we are delighted that you and I are going to become relatives. I have always loved Abed as if he was my son.
AS calls his daughter and introduced her to Abed who was very excited to see her.
AS's daughter: hello
AA looked at Abed and ja3ro. Abed afraid to open his mouth nodded.At that point Em Steif brought the tea to celebrate. Everyone started drinking except Abed.
AS: Drink ya Abed, drink
Abed nodded his head
AS: Drink ya Abed, drink
Abed nodded his head
EA: Drink ya Abed, drink
At this stage, Abed lost his patience….
Abed: ay be chou bharrik el chay be ayri

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