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Joke 242 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed Teasing Em Steif

ES was on the balcony drying the laundry when AA passed by and tried to ygazellha (flirt).

First day:
AA: dakheel hal seaan ya ES (what lovely legs you have)
ES ran inside very shy

Second day:

AA: dakheel hal suddur ya ES (what lovely tits you have)
ES ran inside very shy and informed AS who told her to invite AA over if he does it again.

Third day:

AA: dakheelik kellek sawa ya ES (you are very lovely and sexy)
ES: come inside ya AA
AA (to him self): wallah shaklo rekeb il film (it seems that I was able to convince her)
AA knocked on the door, ES wearing her pajama opened the door and went straight to her bedroom. AA followed her.

AA looked around and he couldn't find ES. He decided to take his clothes off when suddenly he noticed AS laying on the bed completely naked.

AS: chou ya AA mbayan enna l youm? (well AA it seems you are at our place today?)
AA: walla ya AS kent a3ed zahaan belbet olt la hali bejeh end khayyek AS w benteak!!(I was sitting alone at home, so i said to my self why not go to my friend as and get screwed)

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