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Joke 239 Abu El Abed

The Fastest Thing

Abu El Abed was sitting with a German and an American scientist.

German: I think the fastest thing ever is light.. Imagine how fast the sun light travels to reach earth...
American: I think the fastest thing ever is the idea.. Imagine how fast ideas are, you have an idea, in no time, someone else has it...
Both Asking AA: what is your opinion ya AA?
AA: il isshel... (diarrhea)!!!
Both shocked: but ya AA we are debating on the fastest thing ever, what does diarrhea have to do in this ?
AA: ya shabeb men yawmen sar ma3i door isshel, aeh wallah ma lhoat la fakker wala dawwi daw al hammem! (2 days ago I had a strong diarrhea, I did not have time to think nor to switch on the toilet light)

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