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Joke 237 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed and his Fabric Store

AA was in his new fabric store when a well dressed customer came in. He started showing the customer samples but the he didn't like any of them. So AA showed him a very rare and expensive fabric. The customer liked it very much and asked AA to order it. AA said that he will give him a call when he receives it.

AA called a week later and the customer came to pick it up:

AA: How many meters would you like?
Customer : I need a piece of 2x4 cm.
AA: OU AIR! I ordered this expensive fabric just for you to take a piece of 2x4? Please tell me what you are going to do with it?
Customer: I want to make it into a pillow for my Balls!
AA: Here is your piece of 2x4cm for your BALLS and here is a second one of 6x6, at no extra charge, to make curtains for KISS EMMAK!

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