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Joke 236 Abu El Abed

Em El Abed Cheating on Abu El Abed (3)

Knowing that AA was out of the country, EA invited two guys to her place and they were all fucking when suddenly AA rings on the interphone and tells EA that he came back from travel unexpectedly and asked her to open the door for him. EA surprised, didn't know what to do with the two guys, so she told them to go out and hide on the balcony. AA came and sat down telling EA about his adventures in Africa. After one hour, one of the guys said to the other one:

Guy : I can't take it anymore, I will go in no matter what happens!

so he goes in and said: Excuse me AA, but my airplane has crashed on the roof of your building, so can I use your door to get out?

AA: Akeed (of course you can).
Then after a while the other guy could not wait any longer and decide to go in.
Second guy: Sorry AA for all the inconvenience, but my airplane crashed on the roof of your building, so can use your door to get out?
AA: Basita, Wala y'himmak, heydek el ousbou3 ghirket ghawwasa bil majarir, w tili3 arba3 rjal min el hammem! (don't worry about it, last week a submarine drowned in the sewers and four men came out of my bathroom!)

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