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Joke 233 Abu El Abed

Abed Flunked at School (2)

By the end of the year, Abed got his karneh al alamet (final grade)

AA shocked: 0 bill riyadda

1/4 bel hissab

1/2 bel mgtamma wil akhlakya Abed feek tfasserli hal massayeb

Abed: miss al riadah asked me to jump up 2 feet, I did

she asked me to jump on one foot, I did

she asked me to jump on (3ala wala ijir) no feet, I told her shou b nott 3ala airi (do you want me to jump on my dick)

miss al hissab asked me 2 x 3 , I answered 6

asked again 3 x 2, I answered chou ballachna manyaki ya miss!

miss al mgtamma wil akhlak told us that the mudeer and teachers are watching all of us and they know every thing about every one of us. I asked her ya3neh the mudeer knows that I live in Ras Beirut, she answered of course yes ya ibni (my son) aeh khedeh (I fingered her) I live in Ain Almrayseh!!!

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