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Joke 232 Abu El Abed

Abed Flunked at School (1)

Abu El Abed (AA) was very proud of his son Abed and thought that he was #1 in school. By end of the first term Abed brought 3alemet el madraseh (grades), and AA was shocked.

AA: ya Abed shou hal 3alemet lem ayrra. 1/4 be kel she (1/4 over 10) alla ykhalleek jeeb aktar, bitrajjek jeeb 5 (I beg you to get 5) wlak bous teezak jeeb 6 (I'll kiss your ass if you get 6)
Abed: ya abeh eza bjeeb 8 bitmosselleh yah! (if I get 8 would you suck my dick)

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