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Joke 229 Abu El Abed


One day AA was having his coffee at Ahwet El Ejeiz when a fortune teller was passing by and noticed that AA was alone so she wanted to harass him.

Fortune teller: AA what color are EA's eyes?
AA: I don't know
Fortune teller: if they are blue it means she loves you
AA: I think they are Khoudor (green)
Fortune teller: if they are khoudor(green) it means she is cheating on you
AA: you are lying, I don't want to talk to you .
Later on AA wanted to make sure that EA was not cheating on him. He went home and opened the door only to find EA sitting on the sofa. He approached her to get a close looked at her eyes and yelled" khoudor" so his employee khoudor jumped from under the sofa and said naam meaalme(sir)

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