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Joke 228 Abu El Abed


AA and his friend AS were sitting at Ahwat el Ejeiz smoking an arguileh and discussing Philosophy, Arts and Science..

AS looks at AA and asks him:

AS: ya AA inta mit3allam, baddi 'is'alak has sou'aal (ask a question)
AA: Haat la nshouf
AS: Ya AA, kill maayat el anhor bit rouh7 3ala el bah7er

kill mayyat esh sheta bit rouh7 3ala el baher

kill taljet el 3aalam bit rouh7 3ala el baher

'e keef ma bi touf?
(water from snow, rivers and rain goes to the sea . How come it doesn't overflow?)

AA sits back thoughtful, takes a big puff of his arguileh and smiles:
AA: Walaw ya Abu Steif, eh shou el Sfinej kiss okhto? (are you underestimating sponges)

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