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Joke 224 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed and the Camel

Abu Abed went to work in a remote area in a desert. After about 3 weeks AA asked his co-worker, "what do you do around here when you want sex." His friend replied: "use the camel."

AA was disgusted. A few weeks passed by and AA asked another co-worker, "what do you do around here when you want sex?" He replied "use the camel."

Finally after three months and after each one told him the same answer, AA decided to give it a shot "min jarrib al jamal." So, AA grabs a camel and starts having sex with it. His friends happen to be walking by and were shocked at the sight of AA's actions.

They screamed "sho am bi sawiyy ya Abu Abed?"

He replies, "I am following your advice and using the camel."

They reply, "ya hamar, we use the camel to ride to town to the whore house."

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