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Joke 223 Abu El Abed


One day AA & AS were sitting outside the Ahweit El Ejeiz (cafe). When a guy passed by and all the ladies looked at him.

AA asks AS why are all the ladies looking at this guy ??
AS: because he is wearing sleip underwear
AA looked at the guy and shook his head. He then left the kahouh (cafe) and went to the garment store to buy 8 meters of kmash (garment). He then went to the tailor and asked him to sew him a sleip.The tailor told him that this is too mush kmash and that he only needed 3 meters for few of underwear. AA took the remaining 5 meters and stored them at home. The next day he wore the sleip with the Kombaz, sat outside the cafe and put one leg over the other to show the new underwear. Unfortunately no one interested. When AA went to the bathroom he forgot to wear his underwear. He sat on the chair and crossed his legs, but now ayr AA was showing. People passing started looking at him. A lady told AA
Lady: What is this ya Abu abed ??
AA: shou 3ajabik 3andy 5 mtar ba3ad bil biet (you like it I still have 5 meters at home)

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