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Joke 222 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed's Lunch

AA, a French man named Jean-Pierre, and an Italian named Gino, all worked together at a construction sight on a high rise building. The three of them always eat lunch together on the top floor of the high rise.

On day they as they were sitting together for lunch, Jean-Pierre opened his lunch first and complained about what he got, "My wife has made me Poutine everyday for the last three months, if I get Poutine tomorrow I swear to you guys, I'm going to jump of this building".

Gino opened his lunch next and pulled out his slice of Pizza and said " My wife has made me pizza everyday for the past three months, if I get Pizza tomorrow I'm going to jump with Jean-Pierre".

When AA's opened his lunch, he was disappointed to see what seemed like his 100th Shawarma sandwich in a row, and he promised to jump off the high-rise tomorrow with Gino and Jean-Pierre if his wife makes him another Shawarma.

The next Day

Jean-Pierre opened his lunch first and finds Poutine, "Sorry guys, I have to jump now", and jumps.

When opened Gino his lunch he found a slice of Pizza. Gino then jumped off the high-rise. So finally AA opened his lunch and discovers a Shawarma sandwich. AA follows his two friends to death.

At the Funeral

The wives of the three men were crying and Jean Pierre's wife said"if he only told me he didn't want Poutine I would have made him something different." Gino's wife said " I thought he loved Pizza, if he had only told me I would have made him something different. Finally AA's wife said"I don't understand, he made his own lunch!"

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