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Joke 213 Abu El Abed

The Elephant

AA was passing by a very crowded hotel/restaurant where there was a huge Elephant with a sign " If you can get the elephant to jump with all 4 feet up in the air I will pay you $1000, if not you pay me $10"

A lot of people tried but failed until AA came along, paid his $10 and took 2 large rocks smashed the elephants testicles with it. The elephant jumped in the air with pain, and AA got his money.

The merchant seeing that his income was dwindling, changed the sign to read " If you can make my elephant shake his had left & right as well as nod up and down I will pay $2000, if not you pay me $10, and again a lot of people tried without success.

AA came along, and paid his $10 and started whispering in the elephant's ear, after a while the elephant nodded his head up & down, then AA whispered againore, and the elephant shook his head left to right, violently.

The merchant paid AA, but asked him how he had managed it to get the elephant to do what he did.

AA replied that first he asked the Elephant if he remembered him, the elephant nodded, and then he asked if he wanted his balls smashed again, and the elephant shook his head left to right.

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