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Joke 212 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed & Medicine

AA and EA went to visit the doctor for a regular check-up. When they arrived at the clinic, the doctor asked EA to take her shirt off so that he could examine her.

AA: " Batel", mahada bichouf bzaz EA ella ana! (nobody could check EA's breast besides myself)
Dr: Shut up... Do you anything about medicine?
AA: No
Dr: Then let me do my job!
The doctor started examining EA, then asked her to take all her clothe off, and to lie on the table and spread her legs.
AA: " Batel.... Batel", Ma bisir ya hakim!
Dr: AA do you know anything about medicine?
AA: No
Dr: Then let me finish my job.
The doctor seeing EA on the table, was not able to resist himself, took his "air" out and started fucking EA. AA quickly ran to the door and closed it hard.
Dr: AA, what the fuck are you doing now?
AA: I am just closing the door, because if there is somebody passing by, who doesn't know medicine, he would think that you are fucking my wife....

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