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Joke 211 Abu El Abed

The Donkey

AA was passing by a very crowded hotel/restaurant where there was a huge donkey with a sign " iza feek tdahek lhmar mndfaalak $1000" (if you can make the donkey laugh we pay you $1000)

Several people tried but the donkey did not even smile!

AA told the owner "I will make the hmar laugh!"
AA whispered in the donkey's big ear, and the donkey started laughing
The owner paid AA and changed the sign to :" iza feek tbakky lhmar mndfaalak $2,000" (if you can make the donkey cry we pay you $2,000)
AA told the owner "I will make the hmar cry!"AA took the donkey to the back yard and came back after few minutes with the donkey weeping!!!
The owner told AA "ok, this time I'll pay you only if you tell me what the fuck you have told the donkey to laugh & cry?"
AA: "first time I told the donkey airy akbar men airak (my dick is bigger than yours)!!
The owner: how did you make him cry then?
AA: I showed him airy (my dick)!!!

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