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Joke 210 Abu El Abed

Abed at the Lycee Français

Abu El Abed (AA_ and Em El Abed (EA) decided one day to give their son Abed a good education, and the possibility to be accepted in the High Society, and to be civilized. They sent him to the "Lycée Français" of Beirut.

The teacher, Miss Charlotte, was calling the register at the first day: "Julien, François, Charles, Henri, Robert, Abed, ...."

Miss Charlotte: Abed, you know, if you want to be with High Society, you must change your name. From now on, your name is "Alexandre"
Abed: OK miss Charlotte.
Time passed by, and "Alexandre" was doing well at school.
One day, he was sitting at home reading, his father AA called him: "Abed, Abed, Ya Abed .." No answer. His mother called " Abed, Abed..." No answer. His uncle, Abu Steif (AS) arrives. AA, very upset, explained the situation. So AS called "Abed, Abed...". No answer.AA and AS grabbed Abed and shacked him: what's happening, are you deaf or what?
Abed: my name is "Alexandre".
AA & AS: Alexandre! you ungrateful son!
They started to beat him hard.

The next day, Abed arrived to school and Miss Charlotte said: Alexandre, Mon Dieu! what happens to you?

Abed: I was mugged by two Arabs.....

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