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Joke 208 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed the Barber (2)

A new client visited AA's barber shop. After welcoming the new client, AA seated him on a comfortable chair. AA started his stylish shave with the "mousse"... when he got to the right ear area, he politely asked the customer:

AA: Do you want your right ear?
Customer not sure what AA meant by that, he reluctantly said: "Yes".

So AA with a quick move, cuts his ear and gives it to him. AA continued his smooth shave, and by that time the customer was shivering from fear.

AA asked when reached the left ear: Do you want your left ear.
The customer thought that he didn't wan to make a mistake this time answered...."No".

And again AA in a very quick move, cuts his ear and threw it in the garbage!

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