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Joke 188 Abu El Abed

Em El Abed Blowing Abu El Abed

One Evening AA insisted on having EA giving him a Blow Job.

AA: EA, Badi yaki tmossine' (Suck on my dick)
EA: Shou hayda mossak ya AA, ma be'seer.
AA: EA, 3am illik baddik tmossine', ya3ne baddik tmossine'
So she finally agreed to give him what he wanted, and she started doing it for a while, until all of a sudden AA started screaming.
AA: Wleeh, nfokhe, nfokhe la joowa!!! (Blow in).
EA: Shou sar ya AA?
AA: Wleeh, fait el sharshaf be teezeh (The sheet went up my butt)

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