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Joke 176 Abu El Abed

The Hole in the Street

There were a huge ditch on the main street of Basta, all the cars were falling in it and people were getting injured The Bata committee gathered to decide what to do with it. They decided to get an ambulance and keep it next to the ditch!

However, this was not enough due to the large number of accidents, so they gathered again and decided to build a hospital next to the ditch!

But, a big fight broke out between land owners of each side (each one wanted it on his land), and the idea was ruled out!

The committee decided to consult with AA, so they went to his house to get his opinion (being faltet zamenouh)

AA: yani sahih jarrstoneh maoul mush arfeen thellou hal muadeleh. Baseetah tommoh hal jourah illy hone w amalou wehdeh oddem il mistashfeh! (cover this ditch and make good one next to the existing hospital)

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