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Joke 157 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed and AIDS (2)

After 10 years in the states during the war in Lebanon AA goes back to Beirut. Sitting in the khwat al azzaz with his argille, Abu Steif looks at AA and tells him that his face looks yellow and tired and suggested to AA to go see a doctor .

Next day AA sitting by himself withdrawn and sunk in his thoughts, Abu Steif passed by and asked AA
AS: what did the DR. Say?
AA: walla akal-nna khara... Ya Abu Steif... Dr. tells me that I have aids...!
AS: mish maa Koul,!!!!.... Mish maa koul ya abou el abed!!!.... Aids !... Ya rub ostor!...Sho min za man ya Abu El Abed ?
AA looks back at as, and yells Back at him: fashar!.... Min za womaan mish min za man ya air......

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