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Joke 153 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed Visits an OB/GYN

Abu Abed was brushing his teeth one day when he broke the tooth brush and swallowed its head. Abu Abed ignored the event until a month later when his tummy started to swell.

After significant swelling, Em Abed advised him to go see a doctor. Abu Abed decided to go to his wife's doctor, an OB/GYN, because the doctor knows about big tummies.

Abu Abed sat in the waiting room among several pregnant ladies while waiting for his turn. Next to him was a pregnant teenager. She looked at Abu Abed and asks him:

Teenager: How did this happen to you?
Abu Abed: I was simply brushing and next thing I know I had a big tummy. How about you, how did you get this tummy?
Teenager: Mine was actually a deep penetration affair...

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