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Joke 152 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed's Swollen Testicle

AA once visited his doctor in the Basta El Tahta district. Upon entering the examination room, he started by telling the doctor

AA: Ya hakim a'andi bayda mwarrami bass ma rah farjik illa ma toua'adni innak ma btoudhak. (I have a swollen testicle, but I will not show it unless you promise not to laugh)
Doctor: Walaw y Abu El Abed. Tabi'i inni ma boudhak. (I promise that I will no laugh)
AA started to take down his shirwal (pants) and then lifted up something the size of a huge water melon which he put on the examination table with a loud "SPLASH". The doctor could not hold himself from laughing.
AA (angry): A'ambtoudhak!?! Eh ma rah farjik el tanyeh. (You laughed!?! I will not show you the other one)

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