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Abu El Abed Jokes

Abu El Abed is the Sahara Desert

Abu El Abed went on telling his usual crowd a tale about his last trip to the Sahara Desert:

Abu El Abed: after the 15th day, a huge animal (wa7hsh) attacked me that I've never seen before. The animal came after me like a hungry lion. I faced him, and started to fight him. He then ran away and hid behind a mountain
A friend: lah ya Abu El Abed, walaw, eh ma fi jabal bel sa7hra
Abu El Abed: eh layk, yimkin haydee ghayr marra. Eh il-wa7hsh harab w tilli3 3alla shajra 3alyee kteer
A friend: Wlak ya Abu El Abed, rawe'ana, keef hai, shajra 3alyee kteer bel sa7hra ?
Abu El Abed: lak yimkin il'wa7hsh harab 3ala il-nahr
A friend: khalisna ba'a ya Abu El Abed, nahr bel sa7hra ?
Abu El Abed got real angry: Wlak 7hillo 3an allah taba3na ya... kiss ikhit ha-shaghli, tayeb into ma3ee yima ma3-il-wa7hesh?????

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