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Joke 148 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed at a Check Point

Abu El Abed (AA) drives from his home town, somewhere in the mountains of Lebanon, to Beirut each day to open up his small shop.

Each day, he must pass through an Army check point,. and each day, the same soldier asks AA a riddle.

Soldier: "Ya Abu El-Abbad, shoo bie'mal hayk, "vroom, vroom" ou be rouh 'a tariq" (what goes "vroom, vroom" and goes on the road)?"
AA: "wallow ya sidnah, haideh siyarah (that's a car)".
Soldier: "eh, bus shoo, Mercedes ow BM?"
AA: it is a BM. He was allowed to pass.
On another occasion, the same soldier asked A.A., "Ya Abu El-Abbad, shoo bie'mal hayk, "remmmmm, remmmmm" ou be rouh'a tariq (what goes "remmmmm remmmmm and goes on the road)?"
AA: "wallow ya sidnah, heddah mot'cycle (that's a motor cycle)"
Soldier: "eh, bus shoo, Honda ow Suzuki?"
AA guesses that it was a Honda and he was let through.
On day, when the same soldier wanted to ask another ridiculous question, AA interrupted and said that this time it was his turn to ask the soldier a question. The soldier agreed.
AA: "aysh 'endoo sha'r, reehtoo mettel samik, ou bet leqee bayn jannab (what has hair, smells like fish, and is found between thighs/legs)?"
Soldier: "wallow ya Abu El Abed, heddah kuss"
AA: "eh, bus kuss meen, kuss echktaq ow kuss emmaq (yes, but whose pussy, your sister's pussy or your mother's pussy)?"

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