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Joke 147 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed & Hariri

Abu El-Abed (AA) is his town's elder, somewhere in the mountains of Lebanon. Each day, Lebanon's Prime Minister, Mr Hariri, his Police and Army escorts (some 30 motor vehicles) pass through AA's town and pass his house. AA always waved to Hariri, but Hariri never waived back.

One day, AA traveled to the PM's office in Beirut and barged into the secretary's office demanding an audience. Naturally, when asked if he had an appointment, he replied that he must see Hariri and will not leave 'till he does.

Finally, Hariri's secretary agreed and AA met with the P.M. who asks what he can do for AA since he had caused such a fuss and traveled from his town in the mountains on his donkey.

AA: all I want is when you are passing by my house, through my town, and I wave to you, I want you to please stop and wave back.
Hariri: "wallow, bus hayk ya Abu El-Abbad. Eh, tukram walladak. Men shoufak 'abbekra, ya Abu El-Abbad".
Next morning, AA has all the town-folk gathered at his house and AA was sitting on his terrace drinking coffee. Hariri's motorcade drives along its usual way, but, this morning, when AA waved at Hariri, the whole motorcade stopped and Hariri got out of his Limousine with his army escorts and waved back to AA
AA: "minoo hal air?" (who's this prick?)

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