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Joke 146 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed And Aawasif

Abu El Abed went to a night club and met a girl named 3awasif, after a while they decided to go to her place and fuck. While AA was lying on top of 3awasif and preparing to fuck her, she blew air from her mouth to his face.

AA: chou hayda? (what was that?)
3awasif: this is the wind that comes before the storm.
AA did not argue about it and continued what he was doing, then after a while she started spitting on his face.
AA: chou hayda?
3awasif: this is the rain that comes before the storm.
AA got up and started to get dressed.
3awasif: why are you going?
AA: hada binik bi-hek ta'es(weather)!

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