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Joke 141 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed in Grand Jardin

AA was six years old in grand jardin when the teacher was teaching the class how to come up with a word for each letter. Every time she says: OK kids give me a word for the letter "B" AA :says bzaz(boobs), "A" AA: air(dick),"T"AA:teez(butt), etc.

One day the principal(al moudeer)of the school was coming to the class for the yearly inspection, so the teacher told AA no matter what happens when the moudeer comes you don't say a word. AA:tayeb m3alemty fhemet

Al moudeer came into the class and asked the teacher to start the test: OK demoiselle fargini safek shou biya3ref.

When the teacher said "B". AA put his hand up but she ignored him and said Toni give me a letter starting with "B". Toni replied "bab".

When the teacher said "J". AA put his hand up but she ignored him again and said Foufou give me a letter starting with "B". Foufou replied "jaras".

At this stage, the moudeer was impressed and said "K". The class was quiet except for AA. Having no choice, the teacher asks AA to give her the word. AA replied kazam(short man). The teacher relieved congratulated AA.

AA interrupted and said: sa7i kazam bas zoubou meter

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