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Joke 138 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed wil Spanish Fly

Sitting maa el chabeb in ahoueit el Ajeiz AA heard Abu Steif talking about the Spanish Fly. So he asked

AA: CHOU HAYDE Spanish Fly? (what is it)
AS: its a new liquid I received from a friend in Africa, you place a few drops in the drink of any women and she'll become aroused and hot for you.
AA got excited from this KHABARIEH(news), he took some of it and went home to Im Abed.
AA: ya Im Abed, sewilna finjanein Ahwe (make us two cups of coffee).
while turning her head away, AA placed a drop in her cup and after a few minutes he asked her
AA : ya Im Abed, Hasse bi chi? (are you feeling anything?)
IM: Laa, leh aam tis-al? (no, why do you ask?)
AA: ma chi, oume sewilna fenjenein chy (go make us tea)
Again, while IM was turning away, AA slipped Three drops in her cup and after another few minutes he asked
AA: Hasse bi chi?
IM: Laa, leh aam tis-al?
AA: ma chi, oume sewilna IBRI' lemonada (go make a jug of lemonade)
Now AA got furious, and while IM was turning away he emptied the whole tube in the jug, and after a while
AA: Hallak hasse bi chi??
IM: eh (yes)
AA: chou, chou ?
AA: eh, w ana kaman!!

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