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Joke 135 Abu El Abed


Abu Abed was visiting an old friend, Zakaria. While sitting on the balcony drinking arghileh (hubble bubble), Zakaria looks up in the sky and says Abu Abed, look at this airplane. It is going to crash! Abu Abed looks at the airplane, which was flying in its normal course, and the airplane suddenly collides with a tall tower.

Startled Abu Abed asks How did you know it is going to crash? Zakaria replies I can predict! Abu Abed said I don't believe you! Zakaria said Well look at this red car in the intersection. It is going to hit the motorist. And ten seconds later, the accident happens!

Abu Abed asks Zakaria Can you teach me how to predict? Zakaria replies Sure, all you need is to take out every single hair between your belly button and your knees. And that's it, you will be able to predict!

Abu Abed spends a couple of days taking out every single hair between his belly button and his knees. He then goes to the Ahwet Lijaz and gather the shabab. He tells them look at this bicyclist he is going to fall but nothing happens. He adds Look at this man carrying the grocery bags. One bag is going to fall and nothing happens. Abu Abed was humiliated (tbahdal).

So Abu Abed goes back to Zakaria shouting Hay you. Are you pulling my leg (3am timzah ma3i). I did like you asked me to and I could not predict. Zakaria answers It is simple, you should have forgotten one or two hairs. No way! replies Abu Abed. Zakaria says Let me check.

Abu Abed lays down on the sofa and pulls his pants down. Zakaria starts caressing his legs and derriere. As the caressing gets gentler, Abu Abed turns to Zakaria and tells him Hey you, it looks like you are going to fuck me.. Zakaria replies: You see, you can predict after all!

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