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Joke 131 Abu El Abed

Abu Abed Visits Abu Antoun

Abu Abed was on a business trip to Cyprus. While on the island, he went to visit one of his old friends, Abu Antoun, who married and got settled on the island. Abu Antoun and his wife warmly welcomed Abu Abed and fixed him a dinner of Lebanese nawashef (cheese, labneh, zaytoun, debes, shy, halaweh, etc.)

Abu Antoun was very proud of his olives. Every time Abu Abed was about to eat cheese or labneh, Abu Antoun insisted on having him eat one of his olives. After Abu Abed finished his olive dinner, he was about to leave, when Abu Antoun asked him to stay and sleep in their guest house. Abu Abed, noticing that Im Antoun was very instant too, accepted.

As Im Antoun was giving Abu Abed a pajama, Abu Abed asked her Would you like to wake me up when Abu Antoun sleeps? Smiling, Im Antoun replied Sure, why not! Wait until I come to your room.

At midnight, Im Antoun came to the guest room and woke up Abu Abed telling him My husband is finally sleeping!

Abu Abed replied Great! I would really like to try the labneh. Can you get me a sandwich?

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