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Joke 121 Abu El Abed

Building Site

AA was working in a building site near his house. He was sitting on the top of the building when suddenly the

French engineer realised that the building was going to fall, so he started shouting to Abu El abed.

French engineer :"Abu El abed descender, AA descender"
AA :" ma 3ambefham chou badak ya hemar" (I don't understand what you are saying you idiot)
The French engineer continued shouting and AA did not understand. But suddenly Abed was coming back from school so his father shouted at
AA: "ya Abed chouf chou bado haida l'ehmar" (see what this idiot wants)
so Abed asked the engineer; A.:" Queseque vous voulez lui dire"
FE:" dit lui descender" (to come down)
so abed shouted:" baba 3ambielak mitain wetnain"(he is telling you 202)

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