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Joke 120 Abu El Abed

Vacation in Bhamdoun

Abu Abed, Em Abed, and Abed were driving for a weekend vacation in Bhamdoun. As they were leaving Beirut, the 8-year old Abed started asking questions:

Abed: Dad, how do stop-lights work?
AA: I am not sure how. There is a certain mechanism that make them sometimes green and sometimes red. I am not sure what this mechanism is.
Abed: Dad, can any one become a policeman?
AA: I am not sure exactly. You may need to get some training somewhere. But how, when, and what type of training I don't know.
Abed: Dad, who makes the road we drive on?
Em Abed: Abed, shut-up and let your father drive.
AA: No AE. Let the kid get some education (La ya mara. Triki el-walad yit-thakaf.)

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