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Joke 118 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed and Faxing

AA was in New York for a business meeting with an American and a Japanese.

During the meeting, the American, put his thumb on his ear and his index on his mouth and said: "Hi sweetheart, I'll be late tonight, Bye".

AA and the Japanese asked him what the hell he was doing, he replied that he was talking to his wife without the need of a cellular phone, he implanted a Chip in his thumb and another one in his index, so he can use his hand as a cellular phone,

Two minutes later, the Japanese turn his head as if he was speaking to his shoulder and spoke in Japanese" Ya MA .....".

AA and the American said now what is that, the Japanese replied" We don't have to implant two chips like the Americans plus We don't have to raise our hand to speak, We just implant one chip with a built-in speaker phone on the shoulder, so it's much easier and practical.

Therefore AA was astonished by their advanced technology, and was very concerned that his stomach started to ache and he started to FART, the Japanese and the American looked at him and said "What in the Hell you think you're doing?..." AA replied "I am sending a fax!"

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