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Joke 114 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed the King of Yoga

In a strange twist of fate, AA got to the world yoga championship final. His ultimate opponent was the Dalai-Lama himself.. In a huge arena, AA and the Buddhist priest sat facing each other, trying to show who has the most spiritual depth. The huge crowd waited in silence and awe.

The priest being the current champion starts the contest.

Silent, he raises one finger to the sky.

AA quickly raises two fingers and looks into the DL's eyes.

The priest raises three fingers, to which AA solemnly responds by closing his hand into a fist.

The DL (Dalai-Lama) visibly shaken closes his eyes and thinks for half an hour. Finally, he forms a small circle with the first two fingers of his two hands.

AA quickly forms the same circle and then takes his hands away from each other.

Here the DL shakes his head and declares that he has lost.

At the door of the arena, the DL is met by a reporters from around the world anxious to understand the spiritual meaning of what they had just seen.

The DL says:"the beautiful simplicity and depth of AA spiritualism are unequalled and I am sure that they will never be matched.

This is what happened:

I extended one finger meaning: Man

He extended two, meaning: Man and Earth,

I showed him three fingers meaning: Man, Earth and GOD

He replied by closing his fist which is the symbol of unity !!

I thought and thought and then formed a small circle that meant that this association is limited, to which he replied quickly by his symbolic gesture: don't forget that God is great" (Allah kbir)

Under the cheers of the crowds, AA comes out smiling through the large door. He is met by the reporters: "AA, AA how did you do it"

AA replies: "Oh it was really easy, I hope that the DL has learned his lesson.

Well, he showed me a finger meaning "I will fuck you once" :) to which I replied "I will fuck you twice ! ". He insisted by raising 3 fingers which obviously meant "I will fuck you 3 times"

Not to be outdone I showed him my fist meaning that I will fist fuck him. (bidhachlak 'idii)

He then showed me a small circle which meant that his ass was small, and I quickly reassured him that I will make it bigger :"

(here is the last part in arabic for the purists :)

"ba3millak wahad"

"ba3millak tnein"

"ba3millak tleiteh"

"bidhachlak 'ideh"

"bas tizi zghireh"

"Ah boussi3lak yaha"

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