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Joke 109 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed and the Mercedes

AA was walking (aam yetmakhtar) on the beach (Ramleh el Baida). He saw an Arabian Sheikh with a Mercedes 600.

The Sheikh (to AA): Would you go with me to my hotel room ?
AA: Batel !, keef betehkee maae haik ? Ma Aref innou ane Abu El Abed ?
The Sheikh: I'll give you a Mercedes 600 !
AA (thinking): Kis Ikhteh, killa leile
So the two go back to the Sheikh's room where they got naked. The Sheikh's eir was hanging down all the way to his knees. AA was shocked and said:
Ya Abaeih, shoo haideh, dhashlee nissou waatini Mercedes 300 badal el 600 !

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