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Joke 107 Abu El Abed

Abed and El EASY...

AA sent his son Abed to America HATTA YIT-AALAM TIJARA (to learn business). But Abed turned out to be a total failure in his studies (grades all zeros), so AA told Abed to come back to Beirut and learn IL MASLAHA (the business),which is a mini market, from AA.

Abed returned, and went with AA to the mini market(Douckaneh) in order to learn how to sell.

AA speaking to Abed: now here comes a customer, sit down and observe how I handle things.
Customer: Bonjour AA.
AA: bonjourene madame.
Customer: I need a good washing detergent to wash my curtains.
AA went and brought the detergent plus a bottle of EASY(glass cleaner).
Customer: I understand why you got the detergent, but why did you get EASY???
AA: because when you are going to remove the curtains, you will find the windows dirty and you will need EASY to clean them.
Customer: excellent idea AA thank you very much.
Abed jumped and said I understand now how to do business, let me handle the next customer!
next customer: Bonjour, I need a pack of ALWAYS PLUS.
Abed: tikram ainik madame.
he went and got a pack of ALWAYS and a bottle of EASY. The customer and AA looked at Abed astonishe!!
Customer: I understand why you got the ALWAYS, but what about the EASY???
Abed: well, BIMA INNO HAL OUSBOUH MA FI NIYAKEH, BTITSALLEH BIL EZEZ!(since this week there's no fucking, you'll pass your time by cleaning the windows)!!

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