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Joke 100 Abu El Abed

Abu Abed's Hunting Dog

Abu Ahmad, Abu Steif, and Abu Abed were at Ahwet LiJaz. They were bragging of how proud they were of their hunting dogs, and as usual exaggerating...

Abu Ahmad: Last time I went hunting, my dog found and brought back all the 80 birds I shot!
Abu Steif: This is nothing. The last time I went hunting, I didn't even take my rifle. My dog caught the birds before they had the time to fly and being shot!!
Abu Abed: A basitah. The last time I went hunting, I stopped on my way to have breakfast in Chtoura. My hunting dog jumped out of the car and started to attack a person. I ran and pulled my dog away and apologized for the guy. I asked him if he was coming back from hunting or if he was going hunting, but he was not. After I introduced myself, it turned out his name was Adib 3asfour!!!

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