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Abu El Abed Jokes

Em El Abed's Nightmare

One time Em El Abed (EA) and Abu El Abed (AA) had separate bedrooms. Em El Abed was cheating on AA by having her boyfriend over at night by letting him in from her window (over her bed).

When she starts screaming , AA wakes up and goes to her bedroom. The gentleman always managed to leave before AA showed up. Em El Abed tells AA that she had a nightmare about AA and herself being on the love boat when it started sinking.

The nightmare went on for several days. Abu El Abed decided to sleep in EA's bed to prevent the nightmare from reoccurring. EA's boyfriend wasn't notified of the change and ended up that night fucking Abu Abed before he realized that he better jump out of the window. When Abu El Abed woke up he screamed, his wife asked him, what's wrong Abu Abed? He answered that he had a nightmare in which the cheminee of the love boat was shoved up his ass!

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