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Abu El Abed Jokes

Abu El Abed, the Hope of the Arabs

A competition between males of different nations was setup to see which man would make a woman deliver the most children from one pregnancy. the jamaheer (people) all voted Abu El Abed to represent the Arabs, since he's been known to be Mr. Do it All... (or so he claims)

After nine months from the start of the competition, the judges went to check out the women... they found out that the French man managed to get two kids, the Russian 3, the American 5, an African 8, etc... The biggest shock and disappointment of the Arabs was when they heard that Abu El Abed managed to get his woman pregnant with only one child.

A friend told him upon arrival: lah ya Abu El Abed, jarastna!

Abu El Abed replied: tayeb shou bi3millak iza 3atyouni dakkar (male).

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